“Every year, the cultivated fields nestled in the foothills of Santa Barbara’s wine country turn a lush green, and the succulent fruit hanging from the vines ripen in shades of – yellow and red? That’s because I’m not talking grapes but chile peppers – millions of them.

‘I saw an opportunity and figured I’d give it a try,’ chile farmer Juan Cisneros says with a modest shrug.

That was eight years ago when the young entrepreneur was only 29. Today, the 37-year old Cisneros is the largest chile pepper producer in California.”

Food Safety

Better Produce incorporates Good Agricultural Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices as a system. This concept is based on teamwork, continuous operation improvement, and three-way communication between sales, management, and production employees.

A Quality Improvement/Quality Control program has been established to address issues of, finished product checks, working conditions, equipment maintenance, safety while using equipment, sanitation, employee hygiene, etc. The management at Better Produce believes these measures will ensure that the finished product meets the highest standard of quality for the customer’s end use.
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Better Produce has been operating since 1988. As a family owned and operated company we take special care in everything we do to ensure taste, quality, service and most of all safety.

We did not get here by trying to be the biggest. We got here by striving to be the best, one plant at a time.


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